Not playing “Ready Golf” is the Top Reason for Slow Play on Course


Originally Posted: September 10th, 2013

72% of golfers say not playing “Ready Golf” is the main reason for slow play on the golf course according to over 2,000 respondents to a recent survey from a popular golf website.

“Some golfers need to realize that they aren’t Tiger Woods on the golf course,” exclaimed one respondent. “On a public course, golfers should have the etiquette to approach their ball, pull a club, hit, and continue on.”

Another 50% of respondents claimed taking additional practice shots are the reason for slow play on the course.

“I have watched someone line up, take four practice swings, get ready to hit his ball, and then back away and take more practice swings,” said another respondent. “This is not the PGA.”

32% of golfers considered someone looking too long for their lost ball as the biggest reason for slow play of the course.

“I watched a guy for a good 10 minutes try and find his ball which had clearly been lost. The foursome he was a part of waited for him to look, realized it was lost, and dropped another ball. Everyone should have been able to hit in that time,” responded one golfer.


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The survey was conducted through, a leading retailer of discount golf equipment and apparel since 1995.


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