How to Eliminate a Push or Snap Hook


Hi, today I’m going to show you a drill that deals with the club path as it comes to impact, specifically too much from the inside. Although this is not all that common, but it may be something that affects players out there. When you see a club travel too hard from the inside and then a little bit feeling maybe outside.

So I put down an alignment stick to represent the target line, and as I make my backswing and now my downswing, that club will come hard from the inside and only get on the target line for a short amount of time before I really kinda had to flip with my hands to hit it towards my target. What we’re gonna do is we’re going to use a smash bag to help correct this path. I’m going to set this bag even with my right foot and as I set up to the golf ball I’m going to move the club back six to eight inches and I want to see the bag have two to three inches room from the shaft.

Now as I set up to hit, I’ve have to make a straighter backswing, and my downswing has got to be a little bit taller. The plane is going to be a little taller, which is going to permit my club to be much more on the target line as they it comes into the golf ball. Try it out and let us know if this helps straighten out your shots. Here’s the same Smash Bag used in the video for this drill!

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