How to Keep Your Golf Swing on Plane and Eliminate Hooks and Slices | Ryan Benzel


PGA Teaching Professional Ryan Benzel of Pro Golf in Lynnwood Washington provides a helpful drill to keep your golf swing on plane and eliminate hooks and slices.

This drill is going to really address the club path whether it’s outside in or inside out when comes into the golf ball. Ideally we want the path to be more down to the target line for a longer period of time. As we get the shot for those two mistakes, again, both outside in or inside out, the club is never really on the target line that long.

This drill is just using a regular club box, we set it to be parallel to our target line, and put the ball right at the middle of the box. And the ball is probably an inch or so from the box. So when I hit a shot and I don’t hit the box, that’s because the club has traveled down the target line in the correct motion. Now if I were to swing over the top, I’d hit the box and produce a poor flight, or just a big poll to the left. If I hit the box after I hit the ball, and that produces a big push out to the right.

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