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Bill Simmons Makes Questionable Bet Against Rory Mcilroy

June 23rd, 2011 by Kyle

Bill Simmons Bet Tweet

Bill Simmons — In case you haven’t visited ESPN’s popular sports website in the last, oh, decade or so — goes by the inspired moniker “The Sports Guy.” He writes from the perspective of a fan, unashamed of bias, humor, pop cultural references, and, as you may surmise from the above image, gambling discussion! Along with Cousin Sal, the foolhardy kin of Late Night funny man James (Jimmy) Kimmel, Mr. Simmons wagered an undisclosed amount of cold hard American currency that the field would either catch or beat Rory Mcilory on the final Sunday of the U.S. Open. A bet, as we all know, was doomed before it even began.

To his credit, William received quite favorable odds, and unless he wants to make his losses public, we have no idea what dollar amount he risked and subsequently squandered. It could have been twenty dollars, it could have been two thousand. Something tells me whatever it was, it probably didn’t make a very noticeable dent in his bank account. Also, gambling (in theory, and ignoring its addictive  nature and damaging consequences, because, really, what kind of fun is that? This is an innocent golf blog where we talk about drivers, and wedges, and golf balls, after all) is meant to be an exciting and enjoyable endeavor, and considering Mr. Simmons’ use of the word “reckless,” he was quite aware that he was making a bet that was almost assured to fail. So more power to him.

All that being said … Seriously, Bill Simmons!? If you’re looking to give money away for free, I have an address I’d like to forward to you.

That address being mine, of course. In case you were wondering.

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