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Bringing the Street to the Course: The New Phase of Golf Shoes

July 14th, 2011 by Kyle

Street Style Golf Shoes

Schopenhauer said, “Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.” I can’t find any evidence that he wasn’t talking about golf shoes, so let’s continue under the assumption that he was. It’s 50/50, probably, and applies either way. Big hitter, Schopenhauer… long. And one heck of a hair cut. But, I digress.

Golf shoe style is changing. If you watch people play golf on television, you probably already know this. Classics are being updated and refined, cross trainer types abound, there are a lot of bright colors. All these things are happening, and then there’s this: Companies are starting to make golf shoes that look like sneakers, like shoes you’d wear to a picnic or something. Some even look like shoes you could wear while skateboarding, whatever that is. I think they’re calling this new movement “street style” or whatever variation on that you think sounds the neatest. Freddy Couples, the smoothest smoother who ever smoothed, made waves when he wore the Ecco Street Premiers while in contention at the Masters (without socks, no less), and the momentum is yet to abide, with Kikkor Golf launching around the same time, and FootJoy and Ashworth joining the party not much longer.

These shoes are very casual, they stress comfort and personal choice just as much as performance. Not to suggest you won’t be taken care of on the course if you wear these. All of these shoes come with some form stability and traction design. Some have embedded spikes, others are spikeless, featuring a whole boatload of nub-type sole poker things that look an awful lot like this. These spikeless shoes even pull double duty and can be worn off the course. Go straight from the 18th green to that picnic you’ve been looking forward to all this time! The point is, you don’t have to sacrifice performance on the course to sport a style of shoe that’s comfortable, and expresses your personal taste. If you’re not into saddle shoes, or pointed toes, these are for you. Or maybe you are into saddle shoes and pointed toes (there’s nothing wrong with that), but would just like a break from that routine every now and again. There are a million ways to get where these golfing shoes are going. There are no age, height, professional or handicap requirements, and that’s kind of the point, right?

Check out the many super awesome and cool radical styles below (all links not guaranteed to be perfect because computers are hard):

Ecco Street Premier Golf Shoes

Kikkor Dress Sneaker Golf Shoes

Kikkor Tenny Golf Shoes

Kikkor Retro WP Golf Shoes

Kikkor Eppik 2.0 Golf Shoes

Ashworth Cardiff Golf Shoes

FootJoy FJ Street Golf Shoes

Each and Every One of Them

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