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Golf Ball Combo Deals

May 25th, 2011 by Kyle

Different Kinds of Golf Balls

My Old Grandpapi always used to say, “You can’t play golf without the ball.” Ok, not really. I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone string that particular phrase together. It’s probably because it’s an irrefutable truth and not even worth talking about. You don’t hear people walking around saying “You can’t bathe without water,” or “You can’t eat without food,” these kinds of things don’t need to be said out loud in order to be understood.

Well, luckily for the both of us,  dear reader of golf blogs, I am either too dense or too motivated by the pressures of my job responsibilities to not say such a thing. If you’re looking for painfully obvious declarative sentences, you’ve come to the right place: You can not play the game of golf without a golf ball. That’s the second time we’ve come to that conclusion and it remains to be true. Amazing.

Now that we’ve established that the golf ball is undeniably connected to whether or not one can play golf (nevermind the clubs and the clothing and the whathaveyous, this is a post about golf balls), we can get down to brass tacks. Knowing this fundamental need all golfers have, we here at are in the particularly envious position of being in the possession of hundreds, if not thousands of these essential objects. We also have an online website on which to sell them. You would think this kind of power would result in a great deal of abuse — astronomical prices, ill regard for the customer, etc — but fear not, for we are a reasonable people willing to sell our golf balls at reasonable prices. And these days, we’re even willing to do you one better. Currently, there are a great deal of golf balls involved in what, we in the biz like to call, Combo Deals. I like Combination Deals better, myself, but that hasn’t seemed to stick. At any rate, a lot of your favorites from Callaway, Nike, TaylorMade and many more can all be had in promotions that result in improved pricing should one chose to purchase more than one dozen. We have Combos that save money on two dozen, we have buy two get one free Combos, some even come with freebies like hats and the like. I implore you remember what my Old Granpapi always used to (not) say, and check them out by clicking on this internet link.

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