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Hey TaylorMade! Bring Back This Logo: A Humble Request

August 29th, 2011 by Kyle

Old School TaylorMade Logo

The observant blog reader may notice that this is the second consecutive blog post to utilize the golf equipment manufacturer TaylorMade as the focal point. This is an inescapable truth. Is it creatively bankrupt to highlight the same company twice in a row? one might ask, yeah man, can’t you come up with something different to write about? might ask another, hypothetical blog critic. The answers to these questions are 1) Kind of, and 2) Yes, probably, but it would be more challenging. There are also third and fourth answers to a couple more not yet posed fake questions, 3) It’s all mostly just basically a coincidence pretty much, and 4) TaylorMade is kind of a big deal these days, and I’ve got to feed the monkey, man. I’ve got to feed the monkey.

All this nonsensical rambling having been rambled, the simple explanation for all of this is that I was scouring the internet for ideas to inspire an upcoming blog post, and in my searching, came to browse around at the PGA Value Guide. From there, I feasted my eyes on a certain set of TaylorMade irons, more specifically, the Tour Preferred model that was manufactured in the year of 1988, the birth year of American Actor Haley Joel Osment.

What drew my eye to these irons, causing a linger on the webpage that then lead to downright contemplation, was the objectively cool looking TaylorMade logo located on the back cavity of the club. I mean, seriously, that’s one awesome looking logo, isn’t it? There’s a modern simplicity to the design that still manages to evoke a dusting of nostalgic whimsey. It exists comfortably within the realms of both past and present, it’s appeal spanning decades. Am I over analyzing this entire thing to death? Yes I most certainly am. But it’s still a good looking logo.

So then, this is my official request to the fat cats at TaylorMade to consider this logo from 1988 (the birth year of American Actor Haley Joel Osment) for reinstatement. I would like to see polo shirts with this logo on them. And hats. And how about an awesome cart bag with a simple white/black colorway? Obviously, irons are quite susceptible to looking all sorts of good with this logo on them. I hope that will be taken under consideration. I encourage the big wigs at TaylorMade to add this logo to any of their products that they deem fit. I encourage them to use their creativity, maybe even take a few chances if they get to feeling crazy. I mean, go with your gut, you guys. Also, when this thing takes off big time and the money starts to pile up by the truckload, just drop me a line at my company Email and we can work out the details of my compensation package. No big deal, go ahead and get started in the meantime, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

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