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Top Golfer’s Lie Told to Play Golf is “Playing Hooky”

September 4th, 2013 by Matt

Top Golfer’s Lie Told to Play Golf is “Playing Hooky”

Seattle, Wash. (Sept 4, 2013)

70% of golfers say they have told a lie to either their work or to their significant other in order to play a round of golf, according to the survey of over 2,000 respondents from a popular golf website. “Playing hooky” from work was the number one lie told in order to play a round of golf.

“I once called in sick and told my boss that my doctor had prescribed me some new therapeutic remedy for my shoulder and the side effects would render me lethargic and make me unproductive. I then went out and played 18 holes of golf”, exclaimed one respondent to the survey. “Golf is a type of therapy in my mind and I felt better the rest of the weekend.”

Of the nearly 2,000 respondents who answered the question, “What lies have you told so you could go out and play golf,” the majority described lying about office meetings that came up, or suddenly having the flu.

69% say they have not had to lie in order to play golf. Wanting to relax and the stress of lying to a significant other were the main reasons.

One survey respondent said, “I have a hard time lying to my wife because she knows when I’m not telling the truth. If I told her a lie to play golf, she would know and I would spend the entire round thinking about it. It is better just to tell her.”

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The survey was conducted through www.GolfDiscount.com, a leading retailer of discount golf equipment and apparel since 1995.

To read more about this survey, visit Lies told to play Golf
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