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One Employee's Golf Holiday Wish List

November 18th, 2011 by Scott

As you are no doubt aware, the Holiday season is fast approaching. There is shopping to be done, gifts to be bought, stockings to be stuffed. You may be a golfer looking for something to add you your list. You may be a non-golfer shopping for the range rat in your life. You may be something in between. But no matter your golf familiarity or intentions, we have you covered at GolfDiscount.com! We all sorts of sales going on, a Holiday gift center to help narrow things down, and a wide selection of excellent equipment and accessories, ensuring that you’ll get what you want and need quickly, cheaply, and with no hassle. We have gift cards as well! If all that isn’t enough, handsome and resourceful golf equipment expert and salesman Scott has taken the liberty of compiling his own personal golf wish list for the Holiday season. Read on, lean, and enjoy!

Callaway Razr Hawk Driver

Who doesn’t like unwrapping a shiny new driver? With all due respect to some of the other companies who shall remain nameless, the Razr Hawk driver stole the show and my affection this season. I thought it featured the best blend of big distance and forgiveness of all the current drivers on the market, and most importantly, it felt smoother and more solid at impact. Just a fun driver to swing, and the distance was a pleasant surprise. Now that Callaway has lowered the price for the off-season, the best driver that Callaway has built in years jumps to the top of my list.

Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid

Flat out, the most forgiving hybrid I have ever hit. Probably the smoothest feeling hybrid at impact as well. Single-digit handicappers may choose to opt for the Pro A12 option for more workability and a sleeker look, but the rest of us could easily save a few strokes every round by upgrading their current hybrid to this sexy beast of a club, and have more fun in the process.

Ecco Street Premier Golf Shoes

If you don’t wake up every day saying “how can I be more like Freddy Couples?”, there is something wrong with you. I don’t know that I could pull off the no-socks look, but give me that unparalleled Ecco comfort and the cucumber cool look of these shoes all day long.

Sun Mountain 2012 Three 5 Stand Bag

I still believe Sun Mountain makes the most stable lightweight stand bags on the market. If you’re a walker, looking for something lightweight with big enough pockets that still manages to have some stability, this tried and true bag never disappoints. Sun Mountain’s new cart bag options are awfully impressive as well, if you prefer to ride or push/pull the bag with your cart.

Red Hot Laser Rangefinder

I know GPS is taking the golf world by storm, but I still like the comfort of knowing the exact distance to the pin. The Red Hot is the easiest rangefinder to use that I have ever tried. If shaky hands or background trees cause problems for your traditional rangefinders, look no further. I gotta have it. Somebody show my wife the link to this post, please.

Nike 20XI Golf Balls

I fell in love with this ball over the summer. Distance, check. Spin, check. Feel, check. I’ve never opened a box of balls for the holidays and been disappointed, but my smile would be just a bit bigger if it was the new Nike balls in that box.

Mizuno MPR-12 Wedge

The softest wedge I have ever hit. Looks amazing too.

Adams Speedline LP Fairway Wood

For any golfer like me, who sometimes has problems getting their fairway woods airborne, this is your remedy.

Clicgear 3.0 Golf Cart

Not as well known, yet, as some of the older names in carts, but the Clicgear folds small and rides incredibly smooth. The other guys better watch out. My friends make fun of me for being a “cart guy” under age 40, but it is just too convenient.  (Don’t tell them I told you, but it saves me strokes as well.)

Tiger Woods return to prominence

I’m not going to even try to argue for his personality or character, but the Tiger Woods magic on the course was a lot of fun to watch. He brings a lot of attention to the sport, and could do things with a golf club I didn’t previously know were possible. I am dying to see that again. And he sells a lot of golf equipment, which is nice.

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