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Scotland Golf Trip, Part 1

August 29th, 2012 by The Golf Insomniac

Here is my first in a series of impressions of my trip to Scotland. The trip started with a connection through Dallas on my way to London where I caught a connecting flight to Edinburgh. All would have went well if American had not been late getting me into Dallas but they were, so I missed the connection to London and since I was late to London I missed the connection to Edinburgh. I mention this because I learned a very expensive lesson. Since the two flights were not booked together as one ticket. I ended up having to buy a full fare one way ticket on British Midland for 220 GBP and pay an additional 120 GBP for luggage. So my advice to all of you when traveling abroad is even though it will be tempting to break the trip apart and you will most likely get a price break, unless everything goes perfectly according to plan, which we all know when it comes to the airlines it most likely will not. Book your flight from the US to Scotland with one carrier, that way that carrier will be on the hook when things go sideways. I did not do that and by the time I paid for my mistake which cost me an extra 340 GBP or about 510 US. The three hundred that I saved evaporated and I ended up paying more.

Boarding the Plane

43 hours later I landed in Edinburgh and then took the train to Glasgow where I boarded another train to Ayr which is 20 min from Turnberry where I caught a taxi to Turnberry. Located about 1.5 hrs (51 miles) southeast of Glasgow. Ranked #18 in the world by Golf Magazine (2011) and the 4 th best course in Scotland by Everything you have heard about Turnberry is true and the resort does not disappoint. The accommodations while small and expensive by Scotland standards are very nice. It is the golf however that is amazing and you can see why it is on the British Open Rotation. This is a must play on your trip to Scotland and although it is not really close to anything else there are three golf courses there including the Alisa course which is The Open Course and the one we played. It is true links style right on the banks of the sea and the wind is definitely a factor here. When you get to the turn you see the lighthouse that has become iconic with Turnberry and those holes 9,10,and 11 are simply some of the best golf holes you will ever play. Turnberry while expensive is a place not to be missed, you could easily spend 2-3 days enjoying the resort and the golf. It should be noted that in order to play the Alisa course and get a guaranteed tee time you’ll need to stay at the resort. Next Stop Prestwick in Glasgow.

Turnbery Lighthouse

Nick at Turnbery

Turnbery Resort

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