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Scotland Golf Trip, Part 2

August 31st, 2012 by The Golf Insomniac

This golf course is relatively small by today’s standards, but there are several holes that standout starting with the 1st hole a short par 4 that is about as narrow as a bowling alley. We hit hybrid off the tee and had a short iron in to a very small green, for a short hole this is a tough start. The 5th hole called the Himalayas is a totally blind par 3 over a huge hill, something you will rarely see in the US, if ever. You have no idea where the pin is on the green and it is really luck of the draw where you end up. While the 5th hole has been criticized as a gimmicky hole I found it to be a fun distraction. Since I was not hitting to a pin my goal was to just get over the hill somewhere close to the aiming marker. I ended up 30 feet away but it was fun just to walk up there and see where your shot finished. The 15th hole is heavily bunkered and then you have a nearly impossible chip to a tough green. The 17th hole called the Alps has the Sahara bunker and you don’t want to be in there. It feels like you are in the Sahara and impossible to get out of.

Prestwick for me was a great experience to play golf as we rarely get to experience it in the US. You rarely have a flat lie and the tradition there is contagious. I felt like I was playing golf as it was originally designed. When they built it there was no modern equipment so the land was the land and they made the golf course fit the land which is why you have some very unusual holes. Now they move thousands of yards of dirt to make the golf course the way they want it to be. In 1851 all they had were horses and plows and strong backs which is why the land was so important for a great golf course.

They also have a local drink call Kummel which is clear liquor served over ice with a cumin and fennel flavor. It was not my favorite since I don’t like the taste of fennel but “when in Rome”. I would also mention that you should take a caddy or forecaddie for the round since there is no real markings on the course and due to its small nature you could end up playing the wrong hole or hitting to the wrong green. Prestwick for me was a blast and a course I could enjoy for a lifetime not because it is terribly picturesque or challenging but because every round would be different than the last.

Next Stop Nairn.

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