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Sun Mountain Micro Cart: A Review From the Links

August 8th, 2012 by The Golf Insomniac

Recently I took an epic pilgrimage to Scotland. I decided to take my own push cart, or “trolley” as they refer to them in the UK. The reason I took my own trolley was twofold. The first reason was that the trolleys they have in Scotland are of really low quality, and the second was that they charge for the rental of them. Since I was playing nearly 20 rounds in total it made sense to me from an economic as well as comfort standpoint to bring my own trolley. The golf courses in Scotland charge about 4-5 pounds sterling for the rental, so that equated out to about 150 US dollars if I was to rent and use a cart on every course, something I expected to do. Instead I brought my own which was substantially nicer than the rentals and by the end of the trip I had a really nice cart to show for it to keep to myself and use for future rounds.

Sun Mountain Micro Cart

The trolley that I selected for my trip was the Sun Mountain Micro Cart and I wanted to give all of my readers a short review on this really nice compact trolley. The trolley is very light, weighing in at just over 12 pounds (it was perfect for travel on the plane). It also collapses into a nice small form, allowing me to fit it into an inexpensive duffel bag that I bought for about 20 bucks. This form factor would take up very little room in the trunk of a car, measuring about 14” x 12” x 20”.

Don’t let the small form factor or the weight fool you, this is one heck of a nice push cart. The build quality is solid and the fact that it has 4 wheels makes it very stable and easy to handle. Opening and closing is extremely smooth and easy, and once you have done it a few times it becomes second nature. I believe women may especially like this cart, because it doesn’t weight a whole lot and pushing or pulling requires very little effort. I have a fully loaded C-135 cart bag from Sun Mountain (their largest offering) and it handled that bag full of all my stuff with total ease.

There are some other really nice features that come with this cart. It has a well designed organizer with a padded interior which I found perfect to keep my cell phone and valuables in. It also has a sleeve that screws on to hold you umbrella in inclement weather, and when not in use, has a place to store it so you will never lose the attachment. The thing I most liked was the extra pouch that it comes with. The pouch was large enough to store my rain shell when not in use and it included a top pocket that I used to hold my water bottle. This pocket allowed to carry a 2 liter bottle of water and If you know anything about golf in Scotland, I needed that. True links golf is 9 out and 9 back in, so when you get to the 10th hole you are out in the middle of the golf course with no food or drink in sight, so having a large bottle of water and a pocket to house extra food was really something that I really enjoyed having.

If you are considering a new push cart (or trolley), then check out the Sun Mountain Micro Cart, you will not be disappointed. I think it is one of the best pull carts on the market at any price.

Your comments and questions are always appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you.

The Golf Insomniac

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