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The All Black Golf Bag

June 3rd, 2011 by Kyle

The All Black Golf Bag

An interesting development is going on in the world of golf equipment these days. Manufacturers are looking to turn some heads, gain some attention, and stand out from the crowd. Typically, the methods for doing this are a new head shape or an advancement in technology, but with gains in research and development coming at a slower pace than in the past, many companies have decided to challenge the traditional aesthetics of golf clubs. For the most part, it used to be if you wanted an all black driver or dark iron heads, you had to hop on the tour van or pay a great deal out of pocket to get the process done yourself. However, many companies have started making these kind of clubs stock offerings, bringing what used to be a tour level preference to the bags of the masses.

This was all very exciting to many of us. Personally, I’ve jumped all over this. I have all black iron, wedge, and putter heads to go along with my mostly black driver, fairway wood, and hybrid. I even have an all black golf bag. And don’t think I haven’t been tempted to max out the black by updating my woods with some of the newer and even darker offerings that continue to hit the shelves. The drivers look mean, and many of the irons and wedges will even rust as the finish wears to give a more sinister and battle tested look. Tour players have long been using black and/or rusty golf clubs to reduce glare out on the course, while some have simply preferred the looks. I’ll take both, myself. First and foremost, I just like black. Black cars, black clothes, black kitchen appliances, why not black golf clubs? And if I’ll avoid a little glare from the sun on my next chip shot, that can’t hurt either.

That’s where this exercise comes in. I’ve scoured the pages of GolfDiscount.com for the blackest most deserving equipment and will attempt to compile an all black golf bag of dark awesomeness, with honorable mentions sprinkled throughout, because of course, my taste is not definitive no matter how much I would like to think so.

As we move on, I should probably acknowledge the elephant in the room that is the recent explosion of the all-white, or “ghosted” golf equipment, a phenomena that is gaining momentum by the second and flies in the face of my affinity for the dark side. The white clubs are great. They’re not my personal preference, but I’m not trying to tell anyone which golf clubs they should put in their bag. I wouldn’t even be surprised if an “All White Golf Bag” post gets written in the near future. However, for this particular post, we will focus on the darker things in life and continue to celebrate the availability of these black golf clubs to all of us with the enthusiasm it deserves. Which is a lot. Because the clubs look awesome.

Without further ado, The All Black Golf Bag:

Driver -Nike Machspeed Black

A very stealthy option. Very mean looking, and it even comes with an all black shaft. Can’t go wrong here. Since this is an imaginary exercise, give me the round or the square option. My driving accuracy says square, but my eye says round. I’ll leave it to the fates to decide.

Honorable Mentions: Titleist 910D2 and 910 D3, Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour, Adams 9064LS, Cobra S3

Fairway Wood(s) -Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour

The Driver version of this club was a strong contender in the aforementioned category. However, I don’t think I have the game for the Tour features that club brings to the table, even in a fake reality. That won’t stop me when it comes to the fairway wood, though, because it’s super awesome looking and fairway woods are easier to hit off the tee than drivers. So there.

Honorable Mentions: Titleist 910F and 910Fd

Hybrid(s) – Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid

Adams has been doing some really good work in the black golf club game. It seems like every product launch they come out with a new handful of really good looking golf clubs. And lest we forget the main goal of golf (to play well, not necessarily to look really cool – despite pretty much the entire thesis of this post), they perform as well.

Honorable Mentions: Adams Idea Pro Black, Titleist 910H, Adams Idea Pro a12

Irons – Adams Idea Pro Black CB2

Adams strikes again! To break from the theme for a second, these irons come stock with KBS Tour 90 shafts. I am a big fan of the shafts KBS produces for golf clubs. So there’s that.

Honorable Mentions: TaylorMade Burner 2.0, Cleveland CG16 Tour Black Pearl, Cobra S3

Wedge(s) -Mizuno MP T-10 Forged Black Satin

These clubs have the proud distinction of being the wedges that are currently in my bag as we speak. They look great, rust in such as way as to improve their already good looks, and hey, they even feel and perform quite well.

Honorable Mentions: Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl, Nike VR Pro Brushed Oxide Forged, Adams Puglielli Black, Wilson Staff Tw9 Tour Milled Gunmetal

Putter – Odyssey Black Series Tour Design

I currently game a center-shafted mallet, but for giggles, give me the traditional number 1 style on this one. The Deep Black PVD finish on these putters make them super bold and great looking. And, you know, they’re Tour Design so I think that means they make you putt better.

Honorable Mentions: TaylorMade Rossa TP by KiaMa, TaylorMade Classic 79

Golf Bag – Ogio Ozone Stand Bag (Stealth, of course)

For our final submission, we present the essential piece of equipment you need to put all of your golfing clubs in so that you can walk around with them on the golf course and/or access them from the golf cart you’re using instead of walking. Once again, I just so happen to own and use this particular model myself, and am a big fan. The color and style live up to the name and the Ozone comes loaded with just about any feature you could image wanting out of a golf bag. It even has straps!

Honorable Mentions: Sun Mountain Swift X Stand Bag (Black, of course), Nike M9 Cart Bag (Black, of course), Sun Mountain SCB Deluxe Cart Bag (Black, of course), Titleist Premium Stand Bag (Black, of course)

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