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The Tiger Woods Tracker: An ESPN Production

June 16th, 2011 by Kyle

Tracking Tiger Woods

If you’re like me, you don’t have time in your busy schedule to search, compile and read all of the day’s Tiger Woods news information, no matter how much you crave and demand said news information. Thankfully, ESPN has taken measured steps towards serving our completely normal and not-at-all-strange inclinations. Enter the Tiger Tracker.

The Tiger Tracker is your one stop internet area for all things Tiger Woods. There’s biographical information. There’s a rundown of his professional golfing career. There’s video and audio and content results, as well as photos and video game reviews. As someone who can hardly function in the real world for one full hour at a time without having first digested all available and recent Tiger Woods news, this web page is everything someone like me could ask for. And more. Sometimes I think to myself, “I wonder if today Tiger Woods has been discussed or mentioned in any way at all on one of the many popular ESPN Podcasts?” With the Tiger Tracker, I don’t have to wonder anymore.

Despite what the above image, of what can only be assumed is a screen capture of some sort of wild life show, implies, the more traditional usage of the term “Tiger Tracker” (by that I mean, of course, one who tracks and attempts to locate in the wild actual, real life tigers) is not at all popular. In fact, the internet abounds with these “Tiger Trackers.” Other websites have their own version in regards to Woods, others track different forms of non real Tigers, such as collegiate athletics and the like. This is all to say, if you don’t enjoy ESPN’s particular brand of Tiger Woods tracking, there are many other iterations out there for you to try. Sample them all and stick with what works best for your lifestyle.

Lastly, for fun, a quick glance around on this page can also provide other, non Tiger Woods forms of entertainment, as hard as that may be to fathom. As I look upon it today, the Tiger Tracker page also features a Titleist NXT Golf Ball advertisement, in which notable and almost unnervingly tall ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt makes one heck of  a strange face whilst placing his head near ground level. Things like this are simply pleasant garnishes to the main offering, subtly enhancing one’s enjoyment of all things Tiger Woods, and part of a process that will take place, if I can speak for myself here, unending.

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