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Things That Have Been Happening in Golf Lately

July 29th, 2011 by Kyle

Golf News and Such

It’s been some time since we last met on these electronic pages to discuss golf, and the clubs you use to play it and the like. If you’re like me, the time between now and when Darren Clarke won the British Open has been much too long. It turns out that things have been happening in the world of golf! Golf balls have been struck. Drivers have been swung. Tournaments won and lost. Players leaving and returning and all sorts of interesting things in between. What do you say we cover a few of these developments, eh?

Tiger Woods Cans Stevie Williams

This was quite a curious move. Personally, I still don’t know what to think of it. Word on the street is that Tiger didn’t take too kindly to Williams spending time on the bag with Adam Scott while Woods was off rehabbing his body and/or image and/or ego. Were this to be true, I call bad form on Tiger. However, it’s a stark reality that we (the public) will so rarely know the whole truth when it comes to complicated personal scenarios such as these, and no matter the reason, the Nike Poster Boy will continue down the long road of redemption without Williams to awkwardly high-five him along the way.

Sean O’Hair Victorious, Vindicated, at Canadian Open

Even if he has a rap for playing slow, something I can’t stand, I’ve always took a shinning to O’Hair. It’s probably because his dad was such a jerkface to him for such a long time, and I admire the fortitude Sean has exhibited trying to break free from the guy and forge his own career. So after a long year that’s featured swing changes, firings, and poor play, O’Hair finally put it all together and took down a W. Good on him, I say! Here’s the quick and short version of the golf clubs he used: TaylorMade r11 Driver ; TaylorMade TP MB Irons ; Penta TP Golf Ball

Rory McIlroy Takes Full Advantage of Free Speech

What to make of young Rory? So often he says the right things at the right moment, playing perfectly into the pristine image of a professional Titleist staffer. Who could forget the poise he exhibited following his struggles at the Masters? Well, the opposite side of the coin has showed itself, when after receiving some criticism on Twitter from a member of the press (the gentleman did not care for McIlroy’s course management, it seems), Rory snipped back “Shut up … You’re a commentator and a failed golfer, your opinion means nothing!” These emotional moments and how best to judge them are matters of the heart, and I leave the reader to their own assesment.

Ping Launches a Whole Boatload of Golf Clubs

It's true. The G20 line of Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons, as well as Anser Wedges, Milled Putters, and an all new Sydney Putter were released to great excitement and fanfare. Look at pictures of these clubs and read about the features they provide!

Some Golfer Named Tiger Woods Will Play Again, and Soon

Only Eldrick could hog 40% of the golf headlines since we last spoke. So far, he’s missed two majors this season. The majors are the important ones, we can all remember. So important it seems, that he won’t be missing his final shot (that’s a golf pun!) at one this year, instead deciding to return to golf by way of the Bridgestone Invitational, and then the PGA Championship shortly after. The golfing fans relationship to Tiger these days is complicated at best, but something tells me television ratings for the sport may perchance see a spike in the coming weeks.

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