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This is a Wonderful Fake Ben and Jerry’s Caddyshack Ice Cream

November 4th, 2011 by Kyle

Caddyshack Ice Cream

Say, have you seen this on the internet lately? I just stumbled across it a day or two ago, and while it’s possible I’m just way behind the ball on this and it’s all just old news, I’d like to share it with you, and offer some praise of how awesome this fake ice cream is.

It’s pretty awesome, right? This fake Caddyshack, or should we say, Caddysnack (we should) ice cream by Ben and Jerry’s was designed by Jon Defreest at his website Jonny etc. There are some other excellent fake ice creams over there, and other awesome designs of cool and interesting stuff, so definitely take a gander if you’re so intrigued. But since we’re a Golf Blog, and we talk about Golf Clubs and Golf Balls and Golf Happenings and stuff, let’s talk about this Carl Spackler number, shall we?

Ingredients: “It’s a hybrid of chocolate and coffee ice cream with baby ruth chunks and great big globs of greasy grimy caramel gopher guts,” I mean, I think he nailed it. The inclusion of the Baby Ruth and the caramel gopher are just completely, 100% spot on. The picture of Carl? Great. The background image? Perfect. This is quickly turning into a post where I just list details about the design and then say that I like them. You’re your own person, you can do that kind of thing all on your own. So I’ll wrap this thing up, but not before I make a formal request to the good people over at Ben and Jerry’s to actually produce this stuff. I’m sure there are about a million licensing and legal hurdles to deal with, but I won’t let that concern me, we need this ice cream in our lives. Golfers from all across the land would no double flock en masse to their local grocery stores, gas stations, and ice cream sellers to buy this Caddysnack in bulk. The novelty of the whole thing and the jokes you could make would be worth it alone, not to mention that the ice cream actually sounds delicious.

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