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Throwback Thursday | Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus (Week 2)

May 22nd, 2014 by Kevin P. Duffer

arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus

Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus are in the middle of a gentleman's round of golf. The hot blood of competition pumps through their veins but they remain calm and serene to the outside observer. Only cowards show fear on the golf course. True champions stare down challenges with a steely gaze and unwavering disposition. Arnie and Jack know this. They've been here before and they will not succumb to the moment. They will rise above. Though their nerves may be tested, their hands do not shake. They've been calmed by experience and also by wholesome American Tobacco, which they inhale with grace while waiting their turn on the tee box. Soon they will hold a club in their hands, and they will swing level, and they will strike the ball with force, and it will fly straight, and true. They will walk to the ball and this process will repeat.

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