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Ways to Spend all That Money You’re Saving Because of’s Awesome Sales

November 29th, 2011 by Kyle

You have no doubt noticed that has been bringing the sales lately. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Christmas on it’s way. Now has been and continues to be the ultimate time to save all sorts of money when purchasing Golf Clubs and Accessories on the world wide web. If you haven’t already scored a sweet deal on a Driver, go right ahead and make moves before the sales run out! Stock up on all the Golf Balls for when the days get longer and the golf comes back! However, this is not simply a shameless advertisement for all the incredible and exciting savings we’ve been offering our customers lately. Goodness no, we’re so much better than that. This post has been designed as a means for you, the super smart and savvy money saving customer, to think up some creative ways to spend all that money you’ve been saving lately as a result of all our awesome sales. We figure that since we’re responsible for all that extra cash rolling around in your pocket, the least we could do was think of productive and worthwhile ways for you to get rid of it. Our pleasure!

Ways to Spend all that Money You’re Saving Because of’s Awesome Sales

  • Rent a pressure washer and clean up your deck and patio and garage floor and stuff. Yeah, it’s really wet and annoying and takes a few hours of work, but when you’re done you’ll be happy you did it. And everything will look awesome in the spring.
  • Go see that new Muppets Movie. Everyone seems to really love that.
  • More rounds of golf, of course!
  • Get yourself a full set of encyclopedias. They look awesome, and you’ll reference them all the time. No, I’m kidding. Just use the internet.
  • New socks. Seriously, they’re so much more comfortable than old ones. It’s always kind of surprising by how much, but they are.
  • Presents for your loving friends and family, I guess. If you must.
  • A higher-end, not cheap smoothie maker. It always sounds like such a good idea to buy one, and once you see a model out there for like, 20 dollars, then it’s even more tempting. But after a few weeks of novelty, the thing is always a real pain to clean, it will probably break, and your dream of ever-ready convenient smoothies will die. So spend a few more bucks and get one that will last. Smoothies are delicious, and good for you.
  • The rookie card of your favorite baseball player as a kid. Even if you don’t want to spend a bunch of money and decide to buy one in lesser condition, it will still be cool to have.
  • Re-grip all of your golf clubs. It will make them seem new again.
  • Just buy a ton of previously viewed DVDs. They still work just the same, and they're like one-quarter the price.
  • Oh, who are we kidding. You can always just buy more golf clubs. The Cobra Trusty Rusty Wedges sure are looking awesome!
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