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Webb Simpson What’s In The Bag

September 7th, 2011 by Kyle

Webb Simpson has won two tournaments within a month of each other. This seems fair to me. Fair, of course, because the guy has a ton of talent and no doubt works very had to be good at golf and deserves to be rewarded for that talent and hard work with golf wins and large checks and everything else that comes from success on the PGA Tour. It’s fair in that way. It’s also fair in the cosmic way we humans enjoy thinking about, call it karma if you like or whatever other word that suits you. It’s fair because before these two wins ... Continue Reading Webb Simpson WITB

The observant blog reader may notice that this is the second consecutive blog post to utilize the golf equipment manufacturer TaylorMade as the focal point. This is an inescapable truth. Is it creatively bankrupt to highlight the same company twice in a row? one might ask, yeah man, can’t you come up with something different to write about? might ask another, hypothetical blog critic. The answers to these questions are 1) Kind of, and 2) Yes, probably, but it would be more challenging. There are also third and fourth answers to a couple more not yet posed fake questions ... Continue Reading A Humble Request to TaylorMade

The All White (TaylorMade) Golf Bag

August 23rd, 2011 by Kyle

The last time we tackled an entire golf bag themed around a certain color (or, to be more specific, the color of objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum – if you want to be a nerd about it), we focused on the tastefully hueless wonder, black. Seeing as I myself currently employ an All Black Golf Bag, there was a certain level of admitted bias in the colors’ selection and the execution of the blog post. I like black golf clubs. I prefer them. That’s just the way I choose to go through life. However, seeing as I am an enlightened blogger of all things golf, I can employ a few thought exercises to imagine the other sign of the coin. The white golf club phenomenon is pretty huge ... Continue Reading The All White Golf Bag

Tiger Who?! Am I right, you guys!? No, I’m kidding. That’s not an interesting narrative at all. Sure, Tiger Woods played golf poorly this week, and was conspicuously absent this weekend while a good chunk of guys a lot of people probably haven’t really heard of, and then a couple of them, contended for the seasons final major. It happens. So much has been, and will be written about Tiger Woods playing golf poorly, I don’t think at this point we ourselves need to contribute to that insurmountable wall of sound. Hey, Keegan Bradley won! Let us talk about that! ... Continue Reading Keegan Bradley PGA WITB

This should have been a simple little blog post. Adam Scott won a golf tournament. He played very well. We would have written a paragraph or two about that, maybe, if we were feeling frisky we may have mentioned the semi-controversy surrounding the particular style of putter he’s been using lately. It’s a long one. Some people don’t like that while others don’t mind one way or the other. We would have written about those things, listed off the golf clubs he used, and moved on, getting ready for the PGA and all the fun that will come from that little competition ... Continue Reading Adam Scott and Steve Williams WITB

It’s been some time since we last met on these electronic pages to discuss golf, and the clubs you use to play it and the like. If you’re like me, the time between now and when Darren Clarke won the British Open has been much too long. It turns out that things have been happening in the world of golf! ... Continue Reading Golf News and Happenings

If I had to pick one word to sum up the British Open, it would be this: Patience. Golf, simply put, takes patience to play. Now, add in extreme and volatile weather conditions, a confounding and imagination stretching golf course, and the weight of a major championship to the mix. Patience, my friends, looms essential ... Continue Reading Darren Clarke WITB

Schopenhauer said, “Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.” I can’t find any evidence that he wasn’t talking about golf shoes, so let’s continue under the assumption that he was. It’s 50/50, probably, and applies either way. Big hitter, Schopenhauer… long. And one heck of a hair cut. But, I digress ... Continue Reading Street Style Golf Shoes

TaylorMade Staffer, Jason Day WITB

July 8th, 2011 by Kyle

Jason Day is the 7th ranked golfer in the world. This seems to be happening to me a lot lately, but at first glance, I find that to be quite surprising. Didn’t he just win his first tournament about 45 minutes ago? Of course, it’s been more time than that, but it feels like I’ve been aware of him as a professional golfer for a very small collection of time ... Continue Reading Jason Day's WITB

Tiger Woods won’t be playing in the British Open after all. I can’t help but become a bit less enthused about the event having learned that fact some days ago. Golf, for better or worse, is more compelling with Woods in the field, and his presence will be missed ... Continue Reading Fun Caption Time With Tiger Woods Pictures

Nick Watney is probably a lot better at golf than you would think. I don’t mean that as an indictment of your PGA Tour knowledge, or even of his ability as a golfer. Nick Watney is just one of those guys ... Continue Reading Nick Watney WITB

Bill Simmons — In case you haven’t visited ESPN’s popular sports website in the last, oh, decade or so — goes by the inspired moniker “The Sports Guy.” He writes from the perspective of a fan, unashamed of bias, humor, pop cultural references, and, as you may surmise from the above image, gambling discussion! ... Continue Reading Simmons Bets Against Rory

Watching the US Open this weekend was pretty interesting. Our inevitable champion , Titleist Pro Rory Mcilroy, seemingly had the whole thing locked up so tight, that there really wasn’t a whole lot of dramatic intrigue. And as he poured in birdie after birdie, hole after hole, the closer we got to Sunday and the end of the tournament, the more obvious it was that no one was going to challenge the kid ... Continue Reading Rory Mcilroy WITB

If you’re like me, you don’t have time in your busy schedule to search, compile and read all of the day’s Tiger Woods news information, no matter how much you crave and demand said news information. Thankfully, ESPN has taken measured steps towards serving our completely normal and not-at-all-strange inclinations ... Continue Reading Tiger Tracker

I’ll be honest with you. It’s kind of a challenge to write about Steve Stricker. Not an insurmountable challenge, mind you — because I’m a gosh darn professional — but Steve Stricker is a taller order than most golfers when it comes to inspiring seamless sentences of flowery prose ... Continue Reading Steve Stricker WITB

The All Black Golf Bag

June 3rd, 2011 by Kyle

An interesting development is going on in the world of golf equipment these days. Manufacturers are looking to turn some heads, gain some attention, and stand out from the crowd. Typically, the methods for doing this are a new head shape or an advancement in technology, but with gains in research and development coming at a slower pace than in the past, many companies have decided to challenge the traditional aesthetics of golf clubs ... Continue Reading The All Black Golf Bag

Luke Donald entered the first playoff hole of the BMW PGA Championship with quite a little bit at stake. A boatload of money, first place in the tournament, a ranking as the number 1 golfer in the whole entire world. No big deal, really ... Continue Reading Luke Donald WITB

Golf Ball Combo Deals

May 25th, 2011 by Kyle

My Old Grandpapi always used to say, “You can’t play golf without the ball.” Ok, not really. I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone string that particular phrase together. It’s probably because it’s an irrefutable truth and not even worth talking about. You don’t hear people walking around saying “You can’t bathe without water,” or “You can’t eat without food,” these kinds of things don’t need to be said out loud in order to be understood ... Continue Reading Golf Ball Combo Deals

Bubba Watson Chat on ESPN

May 18th, 2011 by Kyle

As you may or may nor be aware, the one and only Bubba Watson, of PGA Tour and Ping Golf fame, recently took to the world wide web in order to discuss myriad topics with the ESPN day-time chat participant demographic. As a big fan of the guy and the way he plays the game, I had no choice but to check the whole thing out ... Continue Reading Bubba Watson Chat on ESPN

K.J. Choi has been making some interesting choices with his golf clubs lately. First, he raised some eyebrows by putting the Ping G15 irons into play. Weren't the G15's designed for amateurs? Didn't they have large cavities, thick soles, and (dare we even say it?) offset? Then, at the Masters, he took things a step further ... Continue Reading The Clubs K.J. Choi Used to Win the Players