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Luke Donald entered the first playoff hole of the BMW PGA Championship with quite a little bit at stake. A boatload of money, first place in the tournament, a ranking as the number 1 golfer in the whole entire world. No big deal, really ... Continue Reading Luke Donald WITB

Golf Ball Combo Deals

May 25th, 2011 by Kyle

My Old Grandpapi always used to say, “You can’t play golf without the ball.” Ok, not really. I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone string that particular phrase together. It’s probably because it’s an irrefutable truth and not even worth talking about. You don’t hear people walking around saying “You can’t bathe without water,” or “You can’t eat without food,” these kinds of things don’t need to be said out loud in order to be understood ... Continue Reading Golf Ball Combo Deals

Bubba Watson Chat on ESPN

May 18th, 2011 by Kyle

As you may or may nor be aware, the one and only Bubba Watson, of PGA Tour and Ping Golf fame, recently took to the world wide web in order to discuss myriad topics with the ESPN day-time chat participant demographic. As a big fan of the guy and the way he plays the game, I had no choice but to check the whole thing out ... Continue Reading Bubba Watson Chat on ESPN

K.J. Choi has been making some interesting choices with his golf clubs lately. First, he raised some eyebrows by putting the Ping G15 irons into play. Weren't the G15's designed for amateurs? Didn't they have large cavities, thick soles, and (dare we even say it?) offset? Then, at the Masters, he took things a step further ... Continue Reading The Clubs K.J. Choi Used to Win the Players