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Golf Bag Education

Different golfers have different needs from their golf bags. Walkers need lightweight bags that can be easilty put on their back for the entire round without zapping too much energy. Electric and gas cart users need extra storage and pockets that can be accessed when the bag is strapped in. Golfers who are dedicated to practice or speed golf will be interested in the minimal Sunday bag. There are also many models that combine all of these features for maximum functionality. Learn more about different types of golf bags and select the combination of form and features that best suits your game.

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Stand/Carry Bag

Lightweight and portable, stand bags are designed for golfers who walk the course and they provide the most versatility. While made for walking, with back-back straps to help shoulder the load, these can always be strapped to a pull or push cart if necessary. Two retractable, built-in legs allow for these bags to stand upright while you set up and hit your shot.

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Cart Bag

Cart bags are meant to be attached to the back gas or electric golf carts. They are usually heavier and have minimal or uncomfortable straps as they are not intended for extended carrying. They feature increased storage space for extra accessories, drinks, clothes, etc, while most feature all forward facing pockets that can all be accessed while strapped in. Many, but not all cart bags can be utilized with a push or pull cart.

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Hybrid Bags

Hybrid bags are best thought of as cart bags with the ability to stand. Most are larger than your typical stand bag and are usually used on carts, but can also be used for walking when needed. More and more manufacturers have begun creating hybrid bags, innovating to reduce weight and increase versatility while not sacrificing function.

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Sunday Bag

The Sunday bag could be considered the minimalist’s bag, just big enough for a full round if you need it, but more ideally to fit a few clubs for a day at the range or a par-3 course. Some of these bags fit a full set of clubs and some don’t, so make sure that the bag meets your needs and how many clubs you would like to carry. Due to their small size, the number of balls and other accessories you can carry is very limited. These bags are very light, best for practice or energetic golfers looking to play a quick round or finish before dark.

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Staff Bag

Also referred to as a tour bag, this is the top-tier bag used by pros in tournaments, large and able to showcase branding. These bags are heavy – meant to be carried by a caddy or strapped in a cart – and provide the most storage of any bag to fit in rain gear, extra clothing, an umbrella, food, drink, and plenty of balls. If you will be playing in tournaments or just need more storage than the average player, this is the bag for you.

Travel Bags

Travel bags hold your golf bag and gear when you’re on the road and can either be a soft-sided, padded bag or a hard case. Traveling golfers are usually able to check these bags as luggage when using an airline. These bags have wheels, handles and sometimes pockets for added storage. Tie-down straps sit inside the bag to secure golf bag and clubs during the travel.

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Manufacturers offer no shortage of accessions that can added to your cart. Pick the ones that are best for you and that will enhance your time on the course. Common accessories are: umbrella holders, small seats, hand mitts, storage bags, soft-sided coolers, GPS or rangefinder holders, and cart covers.

Golf Cart/Golf Bag Combinations

Some golf bag and cart combos offer integrated utility for an upgrade in versatility, cart specific features, and reductions in weight. Many manufacturers offer golf bags designed specifically for use in their carts, designed for dedicated golf cart users looking for a seamless marriage of features between both pieces of equipment. Bags and carts will be made by the same brand, and have similar names or be specifically spelled out in the features of the product to alert customers when the two go together.

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