Golf Practice/Training Aids

There are no shortage of tools and aids out there to help you improve your golf game. Some will focus on the golf swing as a whole, while others might look at a specific item such as tempo, plane, grip, or follow-through. There are also training tools for your iron game, chipping, and of course, putting. Each aid offers a unique approach to improving your game, and it's best to research what will fit your needs best. Examine what you're looking to accomplish when practicing with a training aid, and go after a product that addresses your key concerns and areas in which you'd like to improve. Many golf instructors will also have favorite aids, or recommend certain models based on your sessions.

Swing Training Aids

A number of devices can help with eliminating slices or hooks, and to establish a more consistent swing path. There are also a number of alignment guides that are placed on the ground or against the body for instant feedback of mishit shots when practicing. Swing-speed monitors help with producing repeatable, consistent ball speed, which is a good measure of swing quality. There are also bags that measure impact, stickers that map if the ball is being struck with the center of the club face, and even video simulators you can set up in your living room or garage. If your chipping game needs help, devices which promote a pendulum swing, can be effective.

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Putting Aids

Putting aids include alignment sticks and paths, ball dispensers and returners, and targets to help visualize a straight line to the cup. Some aids teach a specific method of putting and feedback, while other focus on distance control or tempo.

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Practice Mats and Nets

With a mat and a net, you can set up your own driving range inside your home or out in the yard with ease. Hitting mats feature non-skid backing and have a heavy base to prevent slippage while hitting. The turf surface simulates real grass and some come with multiple turf lengths to simulate various lies. All come with a rubber tee for driving practice. Nets allow you to complete full swings and maximum contact without worrying about ball retrieval or damage. Shapes are generally square or funnel-shaped to catch any type of shot. Dedicated chipping nets are smaller and are not intended for shots besides short pitches and chips. Sizes vary for nets and can be utilized in different areas depending on their dimensions.

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