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Regrip Your Golf Club at Home in 5 Minutes with Andy

Hi! This is Andy, today I'm going to show you a practical way to regrip your clubs in five minutes. Just follow the 6 simple steps and you can have fresh grips with ease. Happy regripping!

⋅ Tools: Hooked carpenter knife, Double side masking tape, Solvent
⋅ Step 1: Cut off the old grip
⋅ Step 2: Take old tape off
⋅ Step 3: Wrap the shaft with new tape, measured a little longer than the grip
⋅ Step 4: Pour solvent into the grip, wet the tape as well
⋅ Step 5: Fit the grip onto the shaft, adjust it to be staight
⋅ Step 6: Let the grip dry for half an hour

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