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Nike Sumo2 Hybrids
Ever been stuck with over 200 yards to the green and a tough lie? All alone, in the middle of the rough? Introducing the SQ SUMO 2 Hybrid, a marvel of science (geometry in particular) to stand beside you in the most difficult of situations.


We’re going to take a closer look at the new Nike Sumo2 Hybrid. Now as you can see the two characteristics that stand out are its square head and power bow weighting design. Now what this is engineered to do is to position the center of gravity low and to expand the clubs perimeter weighting. This gives the Sumo2 a High Moment of Inertia, producing a very forgiving and stable club head at impact. The Sumo’s Cryo Steel face makes the face lighter & thicker in the middle and progressively thinner around the edges, resulting in a more consistent ball speed, maximum distance & increased forgiveness across the club face.

Available in a regular, stiff & senior Mitsubishi H-Diamana shaft. Along with a fancy Sumo head cover, it would be a great addition to your golf bag.