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The 2010 Kingpin Cart bag
With the Kingpin Cart Bag by Ogio, there are enough pockets & features to make your wife or girlfriend jealous! Ogio - staying hip with a touch of class!


The 2010 Kingpin Cart bag is another example of why Ogio is the leader in cutting edge golf bag design.

This 10 inch 14-way top cart bag sports 11 strategically placed pockets for ample storage & easy access.

From its 2 side FLIP UP pockets that easily hide the cart strap to the 2 spacious ‘HYDRATION’ pockets that can house all of your snacks & beverages, the designers of Kingpin cut no corners with its functionality.

Standard issue valuables pocket. 2 spacious clothing pockets with sleeves to house both your cell phone and id & more than enough room for your golf balls, tees and accessories, the Kingpin sets the standard for Cart Bag design.