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The fourth generation aerodynamic technology and advanced mass properties of the new Speedline 9064LS Driver gives golfers more distance because of increased clubhead speed and less spin.


The fourth generation of the popular Speedline family, the 9064LS delivers more distance, increased clubhead speed, and less spin by utilizing Adam's patented Aerodynamic technology, and advanced mass properties. By producing less drag throughout the swing path, and generating a more piercing ball flight, golfers of varying swing speeds and skill levels will enjoy distance gains with the 9064LS. Complemented with a deeper face and increased MOI, Golfers will also benefit from added forgiveness on mis-hits. The upgraded, tour level, Aldila RIP Alpha and Gamma shafts round out the 9064LS package. Golfers can chose between the Alpha version, for lower ball flight, and the Gamma version, for higher ball flight. Additionally, the DFS, or Distance Fitting System version of the 9064LS allows golfers, for the first time ever, to adjust not only face angle and loft, but also club length. Coming stock with a weight kit, and tool kit, the DFS is fully adjustable, and can change in length between 45 and 46 inches, allowing golfers the opportunity to fully optimize their driver to fit their specific swing.