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The new Launcher DST Drivers and Fairway Woods feature Ultralite Sub 300g Technology. This produces faster clubhead speed for greater overall distance in a traditional shape and design.


Cleveland Launcher DST Drivers and Fairway Woods

New for 2010, Cleveland Golf has launched their brand new line of Launcher DST Drivers and Fairway Woods, featuring what they are calling Sub 300 Gram Technology, a design created to lower the overall weight of the clubhead in order to produce faster ball speeds, swing speeds, and longer drives.

At address, the DST offerings sit nicely behind the ball. Cleveland has scaled back the visual affect of these clubs, opting for a more traditional and clean look that is preferred by many tour players and weekend warriors. With a classic pear shape design, no distracting alignment aid, and jet black crown finish, the DST line of woods are sure to appeal visually to golfers of all levels.

Another major feature of the DST line is its MaxCORE face technology. Variable face thickness allows for a higher COR on off center impacts, while mishits benefit from a higher trampoline effect and retain more distance. Additionally, 9 grams have been removed from the clubface and repositioned deep in the head to create a deeper center of gravity, resulting in a higher MOI and straighter drives.

The Launcher DST line of drivers offers golfers three options to fit specific swing types and skill levels; a Standard model, Draw model and Tour model.

The Draw model comes equipped with all the same features of the standard option, only it is engineered to promote a right-to-left ball flight and help eliminate a slice with it’s 3 degree closed face, draw biased internal weighting, and no offset.

The Tour model features a more compact head size at 430cc, a size preferred on tour. The Tour model also sits open 2 degrees at address, allowing for a more workable and versatile clubhead. An upgraded, tour caliber Diamana Whiteboard shaft solidifies the DST Tour as a very solid option for the more accomplished player.

As for the DST line of fairway woods, they feature the same clean looks and breakthrough technology of their Driver counterparts, along with an oversize face design, engineered to offer a larger toe and heel area on the face of the club. This allows for added forgiveness and more consistent results, even on poor swings.

If you value traditional looks as much as cutting edge technology, the Cleveland DST might be the perfect blend of both for your game.