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Cleveland HiBore XLI Hybrid Irons

Cleveland Golf's new HiBORE XLi Hybrid irons are a mid-handicappers dream, offering the ultimate in forgiveness with a touch of tradition. One of the first iron sets with true progression from the long irons to the short irons. For a hybrid set, they don't look as bulky & oversize, with an almost traditional feel to them.


The new Cleveland HiBore XLI hybrid irons offer game improvement characteristics with a more traditional look. The XLI irons are built around the same basic design of the original HiBore irons, but with some improved features. The long irons now have a bigger chaise and are a little more square shaped than the first generation HiBore. The updated design increased the club’s moment of inertia, eliminating club twisting on off-center hits and increasing launch angle. The shorter irons have a thinner top line and are slightly more compact, this is the feature that sets the XLI’s apart from the other hybrid irons. I wouldn’t necessarily say that they are more traditional looking, but they are a definite improvement from the original HiBore. The set also has a seamless transition from the long irons to the short, with no major change in the look and set-up at address from one club to the other. The XLI’s also increase playability out of the rough, with the help of their heel-toe drag relief zones. This helps reduce each irons drag adding more control to your shots from a variety of turf conditions.

Though a lot of mid-handicappers might see the XLI’s as being too game improvement for their type of play, demoing is believing. These clubs are very easy to hit, but don’t give off the physical impression that they are over-the-top game improvement.