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GolfBuddy Pro GPS Rangefinder
A detailed look at the Best selling GPS Range finder hand held on the market today. Never second guess your yardage again, see how easy it is to operate!


One of the hottest new golf accessories on the market is a GPS unit called the GolfBuddy Pro – here’s a quick overview.

The GolfBuddy is one of the easiest GPS handheld units to operate, even for those non-tech savvy golfers. There are no golf courses to download as the unit comes preinstalled with over 20,000 courses worldwide and still has the capacity to download additional courses at no additional charge. The main screen will show you an outline shape of the upcoming green and your yardage from the front, middle & back of the green. With one flick of the toggle switch you will see a list of right & left sand trap locations and your distance from them, which you will use a lot. One of the easiest features is the shot distance calculator; simply navigate to the marker position, push down on the toggle, click yes for ‘mark new position’ and hit away! Walk up to where your ball lies and your lower reading will be your shot yardage.

Here are a couple of examples of how I use the GolfBuddy during my latest round.

As you see, we have a pretty straight forward par-5. The GolfBuddy says I am 480 from the front of the green, but I am more interested in where the bunkers come into play. I now see that my landing area will be between the first right bunker & the second left bunker. I can determine that I have a pretty sizeable landing area as long as I keep it to the right of the right sand trap.

Next we have a straight forward par-4 with two bunkers coming into play on the left side. I am 386 yards to the center of the green, so I need to decide whether to hit a driver or play it safe with a 3-wood. The second left bunker, being between 216 & 233 yards, is very much in play if I hit a 3-wood, driver might be a safer bet with a fair amount of room on the right side.

And finally, here’s a pretty simple approach shot to a green – The GolfBuddy tells me I have 165 yards to the center of the green (no bunkers come into play on this shot). By knowing the exact front and back yardages, I have a better perception of the greens depth and with a well struck 6-iron it pays off.

Overall I give the GolfBuddy Pro high marks for its simplicity & no nonsense features. While your weekend differs might find it a cool novelty, your seasoned players will definitely benefit from its custom features & pinpoint accuracy.