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King Cobra L5V Driver
2009 will be the year of adjustable shaft driver, and it looks like the early nod goes to the King Cobra L5V. With a simple loosening of the L5V's sole plate screw, you can adjust the shaft from a neutral/square position to a 2 degree closed position. Customizing made simple!


The new Cobra L5V is one of a handful of adjustable drivers hitting the club market this year. It promises longer, straighter, and more consistent drives; like that’s something new. What makes the L5V unique is its adjustable head, giving you the option of having two distinctly different drivers in your bag. With a simple twist of the L5V’s soul plate screw, the head loosens from its shaft, and now you can either set the head in a neutral position, or a closed position. If your normal ball flight is more left-to-right, setting the L5V in a closed position will straighten it to some degree. It definitely won’t cure your slice, but it will reduce it quite a bit. You definitely notice how closed the clubhead is after adjustment, and after demoing a few times at the range, I was completely set back at how consistent my shots were. In the neutral position, the L5V sets up like your standard Cobra driver, square and solid. The carbon composite crown and sole inserts make this one of the lightest drivers I have ever hit. While cobra claims the L5V’s extreme low center of gravity launches the ball higher, my drives were more mid-launch. Also surprising is how quiet the L5V is, for such a large composite head, the impact sound is very muffled.

Two more adjustable head drivers are set to arrive later this spring, TaylorMade’s R9 and Nike’s Str8-Fit Dymo, but the results I had with the L5V might just make those two drivers a secondary option.