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Adams Insight XTD Drivers
The Insight XTD Driver is designed specifically for greater distance by expanding the impact zone of the face for maximized ball speed on center and off-center hits and through Boxer Technology, the innovative geometric shaping used in the our industry-leading hybrids.

The Insight XTD a3OS is perfect for a slower swing speed player who wants extra distance as well as the golfer who is trying to eliminate a slice to gain those extra yards.

Built with Boxer Technology, the Insight XTD a3 is engineered for maximum distance off the tee. for mid to high swing speed players.


Adams new Insight XTD drivers are specifically designed to increase distance and ball speed on off center hits, by incorporating their Hybrid Boxer Technology.

Adams has created two models of the XTD to fit 2 different profiles of golfer; the a3 is designed for mid to high swing speed players looking for that extra control and distance. Its neutral biased head & patented boxer technology help achieve optimal launch conditions and increase ball speed. Losing distance due to off center hits is now a thing of the past. Now for the a3OS, it is engineered to increase distance and accuracy for slower swing speed players. With an offset hosel design to decrease slicing and a center of gravity positioned low and toward the heel to optimize launch angle, the a3OS, with it Boxer Technology, is the perfect setup to keep your drives in the fairway. Both drivers use a lightweight Aldila DVS 55 gram graphite shaft.

Now being touted as the official driver of the LDA (Long Drivers of America), the Insight XTD is poised to become the premiere driver for 2008.