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New Cobra LD Drivers
Whether you're a golfer who struggles with control off the tee or a seasoned player who is looking for a little more shot shaping ability, the Cobra Speed LD Series of drivers will give you the needed edge to keep your drives in the fairway!


Cobra LD Drivers
Cobra’s made significant improvements to their Speed LD-F, LD-M, and LD-M Offset drivers, improving both launch angle and ball spin. Here’s a quick look at each model.

First, the LD-F: Designed for fast ball speed players, the F model’s major design improvements is what Cobra calls an enhanced fast-back crown, they increased the depth of the crown’s dimples, and the slope from the front edge to the back, this raises the moment of inertia and launch angle giving you greater distance. The F model’s square set-up with a slight draw bias, its rhombus face insert, and internal frequency tuning, combine to maximize the club’s COR, and increase its ball speed. This also makes the Speed LD’s some of the quietest drivers off the tee.

Now for the LD-M models: Available in a straight neck and offset model, the LD-M drivers are designed for more moderate ball speed players, who have a tendency to hit a fade or slice. The M models maximize launch angle, producing a more mid-spin, draw biased ball flight. With the same enhanced fast back crown and internal frequency tuning as the F model, the LD-M’s provide that little extra forgiveness that more mid-handicappers are looking for. The shaft in the LD-F is a 62 gram graphite design Tour AD, while the LD-M models have the same offering, but in a 56 gram version.

Overall, the Cobra new LD line has offerings to fit most golfers profile, and with one of the largest clubfaces on the market, its easily one of the most forgiving.