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New Titleist AP1 & AP2 Irons
Titleist's new AP1 & AP2 irons are being touted as 2 of the best irons so far in 2008, bringing new age design with tour proven engineering. Both AP1 & AP2 irons offer advanced performance with a multi-material, dual cavity design. Providing traditional solid feel, looks and shot control for the mid handicapper to skilled player.


Titleist AP1 and AP2 Irons Here’s a quick overview of Titleist’s new AP1 and AP2 irons.

My first opinion is that Titleist finally threw tradition out the window. These irons have a very contemporary appearance, but still retain a classic Titleist look. They’re promoting both sets as a multi-material dual cavity set, improving both launch angles and overall feel.

With the AP1 set a high density tungsten nickel box is welded into the back cavity of the stainless steel body, this sets the center of gravity low and deep, improving launch conditions. Underneath that is a soft elastomer insert, this gives the club a solid feel, reducing face vibration during off-center shots. Overall the AP1’s have a look of forgiveness, but a feel of performance.

Now for all the low-handicappers who have been looking for a set with a classic design and a touch of forgiveness, the AP2’s are your club. The AP2’s share the same construction characteristics as the AP1’s, with the only difference being that the body of the AP2’s are made of a forged carbon steel. The AP1’s are stainless steel. The cavity welded tungsten nickel box help stabilize launch, while the elastomer insert helps reduce the hand numbing vibrations you can sometimes get with off-center hits. This set reminds me a lot of the 762’s that came out in 2001, retaining that classic look at address. With a conservative offset, these irons will help any low-handicapper excel at shot-control.

Personally I think the AP1’s and AP2’s are one of the best offerings Titleist has had in the last 20 years. A contemporary look with tour proven engineering, make the AP1’s and AP2’s this year’s break-out new irons.