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Replacing the successful SUMO series, the 2 new DYMO Drivers have been received very positively so far. Look for Tiger's success on tour to make the DYMO & DYMO2 the 'Go To' drivers for 2009.


Nike Dymo and Dymo 2 Drivers
With the long awaited return of Tiger Woods to the PGA Tour, I thought I’d take a few minutes to talk about Nike’s latest offering in a very competitive driver market. The Dymo and Dymo Squared.

First off, Dymo stands for Dynamic Moment of Inertia. What Nike has basically done is improved the characteristics of their very successful Sumo driver series. The clubs’ moment of inertia, center of gravity location, the crowns PowerBow size, head size, and lie angle, have been optimized each according to preferred ball flight. Simply put, your lower lofted drivers will have a higher center of gravity, producing a more mid-to-low shot trajectory with less ball spin. Then as the lofts increase, the profile of the Dymo’s head shape is reduced, lowering the center of gravity, increasing trajectory and ball spin, allowing your drives to carry farther than ever before. When I demoed both the standard and square versions side-by-side, I was surprised that there was only a subtle difference with the crown shaping at address. Compared to last years’ Sumo 5000 and 5900, the Dymo’s crowns are quite a bit larger, but with a smaller PowerBow area. The Dymo Squared is hands down the straightest driver I have ever hit. I am amazed at how little side spin I got. Even if I attempted to set-up for a draw or fade, my ball just went straight. Now it’s not the longest driver out there, but I will take control over distance any day. As for the standard Dymo, it felt a little more natural and balanced in my hands; my ball flight was slightly lower and more penetrating than the square model. Putting a fade or draw on the ball was easily accomplished, so for a mid-to-low handicap player the standard Dymo would be the club of choice.

The 2009 driver market is set to be very competitive, and Nike is hoping to put a monkey wrench into the success of their competition with the Dymo and Dymo Squared. Look for Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim to play a 380cc tour version of the Dymo, rumored to come out later this year.