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All Videos > Nike SasQuatch SUMO 5000 vs. SUMO2 5900 Driver - Features

SUMO 5000 & 5900
With the SQ SUMO 5000 & 5900, Nike engineers have pushed MOI, volume and impact efficiency to the USGA limits, all in one club. The results are 2 of the straightest, longest, most accurate drivers Nike has ever made.


Today I’m going to give you a quick compare/contrast on the two new Nike Sumo drivers: The 5000 and the Square 5900.

Aesthetically, the 5000 appears to have a more traditional pear-shaped design, in part due to come creative shading on the PowerBow area along the backside of the crown. This makes the driver appear smaller than it actually is, giving the player a little more confidence at address. The 5000 is also a little deeper in the face compared to the 5900, allowing you to shape your shot with a little more ease off the tee. I wouldn’t necessarily call the 5000 a players club, but it does give you a bit more of a traditional look compared to the 5900.

Now, the 5900, or Square driver, as it’s known, is an oversized beast of a golf club. At first glance I give Nike a lot of credit for their creative shading; it really does make the driver look a little more rounded than it appears. Still maintaining a 460cc volume size, the face is just a couple of scoring lines shallower than the 5000. Along with an extremely low center of gravity, this club is as easy to hit as any driver on the market. Personally, the big difference between the two drivers is the sound that they make off the tee. As you can hear the 5000 has a little more muffled sound compared to the 5900.

Overall I give the nod to the square driver for distance and control, but if you are a mid-to-low handicap player, you will find the 5000 surprisingly easy to shape your shot off the tee.