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Nike SasQuatch SUMO2 Fairway Woods
The straightest route from the tee to the pin is now brought to you by the square geometry of the SQ SUMO 2 Fairway wood. The shape distributes weight to the farthest corners of the club, giving you forgiving straight shots out of any lie. The low CG of the Nike PowerBow design and the large sweet spot of the Cryo Steel face get the ball up and out of any lie in a hurry, making your trip from point A to Point B faster than you thought possible.


The new Nike SasQuatch Sumo 2 fairway wood is the first of a handful of square fairway woods to come onto the market this year. Right now I will give you a quick overview on some of the Sumo 2’s benefits.

First off, its square head. This might look ominous to most people, but there are true benefits to Nike’s PowerBow design. The positioning of the PowerBow allows for weight to be placed in two strategic areas. Low, to increase launch angle, and along the outer edges, which stabilizes the club head, especially on off-center hits, making your shots straighter and more accurate. The Sumo Square also gets its big performance boost from its cryo-steel face. The lightweight face expands the sweet spot and accelerates your ball speed, giving you that extra distance out of any troubled lie.

While some traditionalists might balk on the oversized appearance, the Sumo Square is relatively easy to hit. Off the fairway or even out of the rough, you will be amazed at the Sumo’s distance and accuracy.