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Putters so revolutionary they just might improve your stroke, put your mind at ease, and change the way you think about putting forever. Visable Face Alignment gives you a clear sight for parallel and perpendicular alignment aids, while Forward Press Stabalization delivers proper hand position and creates true roll and stability. Stroke balance ensures an in-line axis, which promotes the smoothest, most consistent stroke possible.


Putting a fresh new spin on putting technology, the Backstryke line of putters from Odyssey golf have arrived to change the way you think on the green. Backstryke putters feature Forward Press Stabilization, designed to promote hands-forward positioning at address without the face of the putter de-lofting. The center-back shaft position also helps to create a straight line with your leading arm, making it less likely for your wrists to break down during the stroke. The ascending stroke put on the ball by the Backstryke create faster topspin, generating a true roll to go along with a lower follow-through for added consistency. The Backstryke line comes available in three models: 2-Ball, Blade, and Marxman. Having played a 2-Ball belly putter for the last four years, I was anxious to demo the new Backstryke version. I was a little skeptical at first, but I did like the way it set-up and felt through the stroke. After a dozen or so putts, I felt the effectiveness of the face-forward stabilization, and actually started to get a good roll going. I have heard quite a few mixed reviews thus far, but I think the Backstryke might be one of those putters that will surprise some people once they demo one a few rounds. I also found the Backstryke impossible to push. So if you're a golfer who's stroke suffers from the more than occasional push, the Odyssey Backstrkye might just be your answer for straighter, more accurate putts.