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TaylorMade Burner High Launch Fairway & Rescue
A quick look at both the Burner High Launch Fairway & Rescue woods. Released midway through the season, The 2008 Burner's have been a great addition to the TaylorMade line.


TaylorMade’s new high launch Burner fairway woods and Rescue hybrids are the sleeper hits of this years’ mid-season releases so far. Let’s take a closer look.

The high launch fairway woods have a similar look and set-up to the Tour Burner drivers released earlier in the season, incorporating the same triangular shape and dual crown design that has made the driver one of the best on tour this year. The thin-wall dual crown design lowers the center of gravity, allowing for quick, high launch shots of the fairway. Slightly deeper in the face compared to the 07 Burner fairway woods, the high launch woods also tend to keep the ball flight at a steady medium-to-high trajectory. The Burner is one of the quietest fairway woods you will hit. The Burner Rescue high launch hybrids retain the same basic look and set-up as the Tour Burner driver and Burner fairway woods, but are distinctly unique due to the enhanced triangular look. Almost looking more like a fairway wood than a hybrid, the Burner Rescue has a lower profile and a slight draw bias compared to the Burner fairway woods, but still retain the signature look of the Burner series with its dual crown design. So far the Burner Rescue hybrids have been met with mixed reviews, some not liking their triangular shaped head while others feel the clubhead is a bit too heavy. But in the end most will agree that when they finally put the test on the golf course, it outshined all of its competitors.

Even though it seems like TaylorMade introduces a new club every couple of weeks or so, the new Burner offerings are a sign that TaylorMade might just know what they’re doing.