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TaylorMade's Raylor Rescue Hybrid Wood
The original TaylorMade Raylor was one of the more popular fairway woods to play back in the late 80s early 90s. Now with a more updated design, Taylormade has seamlessly blended the forgiving properties of a fairway wood with the playability of a hybrid to make the perfect 5 or 7 wood replacement.


TaylorMades New Raylor Rescue Hybrid combines a little old school fairway wood design and current center of gravity technology to make it a great 5 or 7 wood replacement.

Borrowing slightly from the pioneer of all utility clubs, The Ginty, The Raylor has all of the characteristics to make it a perfect fairway wood replacement for those who struggle with trajectory.

The Raylor has a compact look at address due to the smaller surface area from heel to toe. With a v-shaped leading edge and a sole contour that almost resembles a ship's hull, the Raylor's design will reduce the clubs resistance & drag with shots made from out of the deep grass & rough.

The compact look was the key for me liking the Raylor. Today's fairway woods are just too oversized and deep faced for my liking. The 22 degree model that I demoed was only ½ inch shorter than your typical 7-wood, but had the workability & ball flight of a hybrid.

The Raylor falls into that category, where most golfers will ask "What club will it replace?"

Look for the 19 degree to replace the 3 & 5 wood for those who have no confidence in their fairway woods. For those golfers who carry either a 3 or 5 wood (or both), the 22 degree will fill the gap perfectly between your fairway woods & your irons.