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Titleist Scotty Cameron Squareback and Fastback Studio Select Putters
Tour-proven, now production-ready, Scotty made the Squareback No. 1 a Studio Select production model in September 2008 after a season on the PGA Tour as an Xperimental Prototype.


Scotty Cameron’s new Squareback and Fastback Studio Select Putters don’t stray too far from tradition, but are different enough that they are catching the eye of a wider range of players than ever before.

Built around the basic look of the Studio Select Newport model, the Squareback and Fastback both have a double-bend stepless shaft with a slight amount of offset, making each of them face balanced. The half shaft of offset gives the putters a cleaner look at address than most offset models. Like the rest of the studio select putters, the Squareback and Fastback are milled from a block of 303 stainless steel, giving them that well balanced soft feel. The Fastback has a more traditional mallet look, with a slightly thicker topline and a more rounded flange. While the Squareback differs only with the design of the back flange, which of course, is more squared off. Both have the two 15 gram circular heel-toe weights that increase the putters’ stability by reducing head rotation on off center impact, giving the putters an above average sweet spot. The feature that impressed me the most was the high toe set-up design. Scotty purposely angels the toe higher, which prevents the putter from angling left, making it set-up more square at address. Personally I like the Squareback. It felt like I had a more quicker, stable set-up. But hey, I’m no Billy Baroo.