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Titleist Vokey Series Wedges
Considered one of the premiere wedges in golf, Titleist's Vokey line uses input from both tour players and teaching professionals to design the most versatile wedge from 100 yards & in. A full range of lofts from 48 to 64 degrees with low, mid and full bounce sole options are available in three distinct, non-glare finishes.


The Titleist Vokey 200 series and Spin Milled wedges are the premier wedges for those golfers looking to custom fit their game to their playing conditions. Made from 8620 mild carbon steel, the 200 series Vokey has a traditional tear-drop profile with a high toe and shallow heel. Available in both a tour chrome and oil can finish with selected lofts ranging from 48 to 60 degrees, the 200 series offers several loft bounce combinations to suit any golfers playability preferences. For those who don’t know, a wedges bounce is the angle measurement of the sole. The general rule is for those who play golf courses where the conditions are firm and hard, and have a more flat sweeping swing profile; your wedge should have a lower bounce. Golfers that have a more steeper, upright swing, playing courses where the conditions are soft and fluffy, would want a wedge with increased bounce to prevent digging. Now their premier Vokey wedge for the last couple of years has been their Spin Milled series. The Spin Milled wedge is machined to create a rougher surface for better spin. With 30% more volume, the grooves are deeper and sharper to increase spin with even the lowest of impact wedge shots. Like the 200 series, they are available in both a tour chrome and oil can finish to reduce glare.

The Titleist Vokey series will give you the confidence needed to make your short game shine, without the glare.