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The Wedge

How to Pick Wedge Loft

Determining the loft and amount of wedges that a player will carry is a simple task. First, take stock of the clubs that are already in the bag for play. Are there multiple fairway woods? What is the shortest club that is included in the iron set (normally a pitching wedge)? If a player carries multiple fairway woods that will limit the number of wedges that they can carry, while the loft of the shortest club will determine the loft of the wedges the player chooses. Wedges will need to be spaced either 4 or 5 degrees apart, and a player will want as many as possible in their bag. For example, a player who carries a 48 degree pitching wedge will want a 52 degree gap wedge, a 56 degree sand wedge, and a 60 degree lob wedge if there is enough room in the bag.

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How to Pick Wedge Bounce

The bounce of a wedge is the angle at which the sole of the club interacts with the turf. A club with higher bounce will skip up from the ground faster and with less turf interaction than a club with a lower bounce angle. The conditions a player faces will help determine the bounce that is appropriate as well as the player’s style of play. If a person plays in soft conditions or takes a big divot when they swing, they will want more bounce. If a course has hard conditions or a player takes a small divot, then lower bounce will be appropriate. Another general rule is that a sand wedge, as long as it is going to be the primary sand club, should have a higher bounce angle than the other wedges in a players bag, as sand bunkers will require more bounce to get through.

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