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Protect your eyes from strong winds and UV rays on the golf course. We offer the best golf sunglasses and lenses at the lowest possible price. Whether you are looking for single lenses, light weight frames, full coverage eye wear, or polarized lenses, you'll find what you need at Golf Discount. Curious what frames and lenses would suit your game best? Check out our guide for the Best Golf Sunglasses of 2018.

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Golf Sunglasses & Replacement Lens Buying Guide

Sunny days are good to play golf. However, the perfect sunshine sometimes may be annoyed. It may affect your vision on the course, or even threaten your skin, your face, and your eyes. Having a pair of comfort sports sunglasses allows you  to play stablity on the course, enjoy the game, and keep you away from harmful UV rays. Golf Discount provides hugh great selections of golf sunglasses and replacement lens that specific design for golf. Those eyewears will give you great comfort game experience and excelent ray banned function under different weather condition.

How to Choose Your Golf Sunglasses

Choosing a pair of outdoor sports sunglasses that suits your demand is not an easy work. The frame designs, the materials, the color of the lens, the weight of the glasses, and even your golf time are under concern. Your sunglasses should at least satisfy your needs of outdoor activities: functioning and stylish.

Most frames materials are lightweight and strong. Some frames include skin-friendly materials so people would not get allergic to the frame. Sunglasses design in aviators, flat-top, rimless, and more fashion styles. No matter what style it is, it should securely stay on your face, help you get rid of unexpected dust, and satisfy your wearing style.

Lens Technology & Colors

Nowadays, there are many choices of lens colors. In addition, to make you look good, the colors correspond to different occasions. Most outdoor sports sunglasses use polarized lenses for UV protection. Some of them are non-polarized to satisfy golfers who have special needs.

If you're still struggling to choose the color of the lens, read the following content with your usual game time, local climate, etc:

  • Blue Lens Sunglasses / Purple Lens Sunglasses: if you have a chance of golfing under the difficult weather like snowy or foggy,  choose blue sunglasses or purple sunglasses. They can block the glare from visible white light and enhance color perception.
  • Pink Sunglasses / Red Sunglasses: If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses can be applied to different occasions and can wear for a long time, check out the pinks and reds.
  • Green Lens / Grey Lens / Black Lens Sunglasses: Those colors will give you extra protection. They can fulfill the needs of most outdoor activities like fishing, biking, and hiking, and work well under most of the weather conditions. 
  • Brown Sunglasses: The brown lenses work well on sunny days and partly cloudy days. They are the best sunglasses lens for reading the green.
  • White Lens Sunglasses: known as light night Fototec, they are designed for golfers who swing under the low light condition.

Still not sure what sunglasses is best for you? Check out the 2018 sunglasses buying guides:

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