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Whether you need more forgiveness off tight lies, or you’re looking for a hotter face, you’ll find the right fairway wood with our helpful guides and reviews.

2017 Cobra King F7 & King Forged Expert Review


Cobra has launched a few really fascinating concepts in 2017. Following the signing of Bryson DeChambeau, Cobra has introduced One Length Irons (all the irons are the same length of a standard 7 iron) for retail purchase in both the King F7 and King Forged Tour Irons. In addition, they have incorporated Cobra Connect powered by Arccos with into the King F7 and King F7+ Drivers for real time stats on the course. Cobra King F7 Driver Club Tested: F7 Driver Shaft: Fujikura XLR8 61; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 9.5°; Neutral Weight Setting The Takeaway The multi-material TexTreme crown of…

2015 Fairway Woods Guide


Golf Discount’s 2015 Fairway Woods Guide by Bob Gomavitz Being an absolute equipment junkie, I was approached by to write reviews and share my findings with you. Having been chosen to write a number of TaylorMade product reviews for I felt that this would be an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge to use. The review of the Fairway Metals was mainly done with 15 degrees of loft. This is a loft that some players struggle with off the turf, but is great choice as an alternative to a driver off the tee when struggling or on a…

Fairway Woods


A useful club both off the tee and from the short grass, the fairway wood is a versatile tool for golfers of all skill levels. The most standard fairway wood head sizes and lofts are the #3 and #5 models, but many manufacturers make 4-woods, 7-woods, 9-woods, even 11-woods. Some golfers struggle hitting fairway woods off the deck without a tee and prefer to only add one or two to their golf bag, while others are drawn to the confidence inspiring larger head shape of the woods and opt for three or four different lofts. Modern advances in technology have made fairway woods more versatile and higher performing…