22 Ways to Play More Golf This Year


For many of us the golf season is just getting started. And for many of us the golf course is calling, loudly. Especially on Friday afternoon, with the weekend fast approaching.

You might have resolved to play more golf this year. But now that the weather is nice and the days are getting longer, the usual obstacles have sprung up. The demanding job. The long list of chores and home projects. Family activities and obligations. And more.

Hey, don’t give up on golf!

With a mixture of creativity, strategy and time management, playing more golf is still an achievable goal. (And one that you probably won’t regret.)

How to Play More Golf

Play 9 Holes

It doesn’t take long to play nine holes but it’s more than enough golf to feel like you truly engaged with the game.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) started its PLAY9 initiative in 2014.


“Since its debut … PLAY9 has focused on encouraging more people to play more golf, more often,” the USGA said in a statement. “The program aims to showcase the nine-hole round as an ideal solution for both avid golfers and newcomers alike to get out and play in a time-friendly and engaging way.”

The USGA noted that 70 percent of golfers agree that nine-hole rounds are a great way to play golf. The organization also said, “According to the National Golf Foundation, 88 percent of all public golf courses in America currently offer a nine-hole rate, averaging less than $30 per round.”

Golf Digest also offered ideas for playing more golf, as did a few other sites I visited. Following are their thoughts (and mine) on this important topic.

Show up as a Single

You don’t need to arrange a game. Instead, show up and join others.

Buy a Pass, Discounted Rounds or a Membership

Paying up front can be a good deal plus help you commit to getting out to the golf course on a regular basis.

Keep your golf clubs in the car at all times

Golf happens more often when your golf clubs are always with you. If you live in a high crime area and worried about them being stolen, throw a couple towels over your set.


Spend some quality time with your family on the golf course.

Play as a Family, or on Date Night

Family time can be golf time and date night can be golf night. I played family golf as a kid. We’d go out after dinner and play until dusk.

Try a Par-3 Course

It’s more fun than you might expect. And it’s fast.


This group of golfers are living out their golf dreams by teeing it up in Ireland.

Plan a Golf Trip or Outing

Make it a point to play other area golf courses and take an occasional daylong or overnight golf trip.

Make Golf a part of your Fitness and Wellness Program

It’s true. Golf is good for your health and well-being. What more justification do you need?

Tee off Early

Those long daylight hours in the summertime make it easier to squeeze in golf, even on a work day

Tee off Late

Again, those long daylight hours make it easier to squeeze in golf, even on a work day. I’ve played many 18-hole rounds after work during the summer months.

Get a Regular Tee Time

This is a great way to commit to a regular game and group.

Hit the Driving Range

There’s always time to hit some balls or practice your short game.

Become an Assistant Golf Coach

You don’t have to be a great golfer to help out with the high-school golf team. Volunteer to help the team and you’ll spend a lot of time at the golf course. That’s a win.

Combine Business and Golf

Meet at the golf course instead of for coffee or lunch.

Use your Lunch Hour

Practice putting and chipping, hit some balls or play a few holes. Many golf courses offer combo lunch and range balls specials during the week!


Golfers enjoying lunch at their local golf course.

Play when Invited

Think of all those times you’ve turned down golf invitations because you had other things to do. Now, start accepting those invitations. You’re going to have more fun.

Play with New People

Golf is a social game. Be open to playing with new people and broaden your horizons.

Do Chores on Weekdays

Free up the weekend for golf—guilt-free!

Play in Local Tournaments

Whether a charity event or the club championship, tournaments are a fun and challenging way to play more golf.

Turn off the TV

Get off the couch. Watch less golf; play more golf. (Or simply set your DVR.)

Play on Inclement Days

Those so-called bad weather days can be great because the golf course is wide open. A little rain and wind won’t hurt you. Plus, sometimes the forecast is wrong or short-lived but others stayed home. Aren’t you smart?


Golfing in the rain has it’s benefits. The course will be empty!

Get a Part-Time Job at a Golf Course

Golf courses need help. This can be your ticket to free golf.

What are some ways that you use to motivate yourself to play more? Tell us below in the comments!

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Neil Sagebiel

Neil Sagebiel is a golf writer and author of two golf books published by St. Martin's Press, THE LONGEST SHOT and DRAW IN THE DUNES. He lives in Floyd, Virginia.

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