Helpful Tips on How to Prepare for Golf in the Rain


A local Pacific Northwest golfer shares his preparation tips for mastering golfing in the rain

Fall is upon us, and for many golfers this signifies the beginning of the end of their golfing season. Soon, many areas of the United States and overseas will be under snow, however there are also more temperate regions that will see cool temperatures and rain, but not much snow.

In my experience, when trying to get a game together in the fall and winter months, it is the rain moreso than the cold that will deter players from heading to the links.

With the right preparation, playing in the rain can be just as enjoyable as any other day on the course. Keeping you dry is priority number one, but keeping your stuff dry is important, too.


Don’t let a little rain deter your golf plans. A round played in the rain can be quite enjoyable with the right gear and equipment.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I live in a region that experiences a lot of rainfall, but not a lot of snowfall. This means, if golfers are willing to take on the elements they can continue to play almost year-round.

What’s the best rain gear for golfing?

Rain gear comes in all levels of protection and cost. The fully waterproof outerwear can get expensive quickly, but offers guaranteed protection from the elements all day long. These are usually heavier outer layers that also provide a bit of warmth, as well.

If it isn’t going to be pouring rain, a less expensive rain suit can still provide solid protection in misty and intermittent rains. I’ve used a lightweight rain suit for the last three years that cost around $50.00 and has provided me with excellent protection and mobility on those types of days.

How do you stay dry on the course?

It is also important to take some steps to protect your belongings in your bag, too. In the rainy season I pack a few extra items to ensure I stay warm, dry and comfortable.

I have a ziplock bag with rain gloves, cold weather gloves and an extra regular glove. The club can be difficult to grip in the rain, a good pair of rain gloves is probably the most important thing to have in your bag and gives you the normal confidence to swing the club, even when your grips are soaking wet.


Be sure to store electronics, score cards, and yardage books in a waterproof pouch or Ziploc plastic bag to seal out water.

Make sure your bag has its rain hood and determine whether the material of your bag can withstand moisture or not. If your bag is not waterproof you may want to pack your phone or extra layers in plastic bags to ensure they stay dry.

The other items I make sure to pack on cold and rainy days are an extra pair of synthetic socks, a headband or stocking cap, hand warmers and of course, an umbrella.

If the waterproofing on your shoes fails or you accidentally step in some soft, saturated ground, you may want to have a backup pair of dry socks to switch into. When the wind picks up, it is important to keep your head warm. A warm and dry head, hands and feet is the recipe for success on wet days on the course.

Those items are great to have, but on the really nasty days, nothing beats having a good umbrella. If you are going to play in the rain, especially if you walk the course, I would highly recommend spending the few extra dollars to invest in a high-quality umbrella. Make sure the umbrella you choose has a double canopy. This feature allows the wind to whip through the umbrella without turning it inside-out.

Should I Play Golf In The Rain?

Absolutely! Playing in the rain is a great test of mental fortitude and ball striking. The courses are usually wide open. You’ll figure out fairly quickly which courses in your area handle excess moisture better than others and quickly find with the right preparation, you can keep playing all year long!

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