Golf Fitness: 3 Easy Warm-Up Stretches to Improve Flexibility



A little stretching can go a long way for your golf fitness and golf swing. Whether at the golf course, at home, or elsewhere, here are three easy stretches that will warm up your golf muscles and prepare you to make a fuller golf swing.

As shown in the video by golf fitness trainer Mike Pedersen, all you need is a golf club, comfortable clothing and shoes, and 5 to 10 minutes.

Exercise 1: Shoulder Raises

Grip your golf club with both hands (overhand) slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise the club to your chest, then down to your legs, and repeat, going slightly higher each time (until you feel uncomfortable going higher). Medium speed. 10 repetitions.

This exercise will loosen your shoulders and improve range of motion.

Exercise 2: Rotations

Gripping the club in the same way as for the first exercise, get into your golf posture (as if you’re preparing to hit a shot). Then rotate back and through like you would for a golf swing, but easy does it. Be fluid. Start short and gradually rotate more to a full swing. 10 repetitions.

This exercise will loosen your core and back.

Exercise 3: Partial Toe Touches

Using the same grip with your golf club, keeping your legs straight, bend at your waist until the club goes down to your knees. Then try going lower and lower, as long as it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. 10 repetitions.

This exercise will stretch and loosen your lower back.

Mike Pedersen is the founder of Perform Better Golf and has more than 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. He is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and specializes in strength and flexibility training for pain-free golf. Learn more at

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Neil Sagebiel

Neil Sagebiel is a golf writer and author of two golf books published by St. Martin's Press, THE LONGEST SHOT and DRAW IN THE DUNES. He lives in Floyd, Virginia.

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