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Golf carts (not the kind with motors) allow golfers to walk a course with ease, not having to pack heavy clubs on their back for 18 holes. Golfers looking to avoid the additional costs of electric or gas cart fees, and who enjoy the exercise of walking the course, will benefit greatly from a well constructed golf cart. Golf carts come designed with ease of use in mind, allowing for excellent storage, easy rolling, and loaded with features to make your time on the course even more convenient and enjoyable than ever before. Take advantage of additional storage, custom locations for balls, tees, scorecards, tools and beverages. If you’ve always been a walker who uses a carry bag, you’ll love the added energy you’ll have on the back nine of a round. Less energy spent packing clubs means you’ll be more fresh and ready to swing pure when battling finishing holes. Avoid those late round blow-ups and enjoy your walk on the course like never before with a golf cart.

Pull Cart

Pull carts offer a simple and cheap solution if you don’t want to carry clubs on your back. There aren’t many extraneous features on these carts and they typically include a place for a stand bag and holders for a scorecard, pencil and tees. These are the more traditional carts you’ll find for rent at most golf courses. You pull your clubs behind you, and they offer little in way of key features.

Push Cart

Push carts offer another level of utility and require less effort to maneuver than pull carts. Nearly all of them include the basic accessory holders for tees, scorecard and pencil. Many models can accommodate either a stand or cart bag and include holders for balls, umbrella and a drink. Some carts also include a sand/seed bottle holder.

Height adjustments are standard and can accommodate any size golfer. Simple “parking” brake mechanisms are often found near the handle to keep the cart from rolling away while you hit the ball. All push carts unfold/fold quickly and easily for storage and feature solid tires that require no maintenance. While there are many standard features that don’t vary between brands or models, there are a few specifications you should consider when choosing a push cart.

  • Weight: Push carts range from just over 10 lbs. to over 20 lbs. Lighter weight offers obvious benefits when pushing up long hills, ease when setting the brake and while packing the cart up and into the car. Heavier models most likely offer more bells and whistles, as well as added durability.
  • Wheels: Four wheels provide more stability and can tackle tougher terrain than three-wheel carts, but are also heavier. Also consider the size – oversize wheels are much easier to push through thick grass and rough terrain.
  • Dimensions: A lower height will provide a lower center of gravity and provide more stability on uneven ground. Smaller carts are easier to pack and store, while larger carts may function better on the course and provide additional storage features.


Manufacturers offer no shortage of accessions that can added to your cart. Pick the ones that are best for you and that will enhance your time on the course. Common accessories are: umbrella holders, small seats, hand mitts, storage bags, soft-sided coolers, GPS or rangefinder holders, and cart covers.

Golf Cart/Golf Bag Combinations

Some golf bag and cart combos offer integrated utility for an upgrade in versatility, cart specific features, and reductions in weight. Many manufacturers offer golf bags designed specifically for use in their carts, designed for dedicated golf cart users looking for a seamless marriage of features between both pieces of equipment. Bags and carts will be made by the same brand, and have similar names or be specifically spelled out in the features of the product to alert customers when the two go together.

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