VIDEO GOLF INSTRUCTION: How to Hit Upslope Bunker Shots



In this golf instruction video, PGA professional Matt Vick explains and demonstrates how to hit an upslope bunker shot.

Some of us struggle to get out of the bunkers, but an upslope bunker shot is actually not too difficult when following Vick’s simple guidance in this mini lesson.

“The increased slope is going to help us get the ball in the air,” Vick says. “There’s often no need to open the face of a lofted wedge.”

Place the ball in the center of the stance.

“We dig our feet in just slightly,” Vick says. “And then the important thing is we get the shoulders aligned with the slope, so the club path travels with the slope.”

(Vick demonstrates the shot.)

“Noticed that I finished the golf swing. It’s very, very important to get the weight through and towards the target,” he concludes.

Lesson Recap

The upslope bunker shot:

  1. Clubface: Square

  2. Ball position: Center

  3. Align shoulders with slope

  4. Finish golf swing

  5. Get weight through and toward target

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Neil Sagebiel

Neil Sagebiel is a golf writer and author of two golf books published by St. Martin's Press, THE LONGEST SHOT and DRAW IN THE DUNES. He lives in Floyd, Virginia.

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