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Srixon has developed for 2016 a very tidy, yet efficient lineup of drivers, fairways, irons, and hybrids. The Z 355 series is geared around Game Improvement players. Srixon chose a high gloss black colorway as the theme which give these clubs a clean and rich look. It is worth giving a try to the High Balanced Shaft Technology.

Srixon Z 355 Driver

Z 355 Driver
Z 355 Driver Address
Z 355 Driver Toe
Z 355 Driver Face

Club Tested: Z 355 Driver Shaft: Miyazaki Jinsoku; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 9.5°

The Takeaway

Srixon’s Action Mass Technology applies a heavier head weight to the 450cc club head with an ultra-high Balance Point Shaft that combine to deliver incredible consistency with maximum distance and forgiveness. The fast and powerful titanium cup face construction creates an even larger sweet spot for increase consistency and distance off the tee.

Who’s It For?

The Z 355 Driver is more of a Game Improvement driver that offers a higher balance point to help those that struggle to produce a more consistent, stable swing from their driver.

Final Take

Being a high-balanced driver, the Z 355 offered a slightly different feeling. Something I found hard to pinpoint, but the bottom line was I saw good ball flight, excellent results from mishits and the distance was on par. However, I assume I produced a bit too much spin from this set up to see optimal results. The Z 355 has a great head shape and cosmetics. Quite an interesting feel from this very high-balanced club.

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Srixon Z 355 Fairway Wood

Z 355 Fairway Wood
Z 355 Fairway Wood Address
Z 355 Fairway Wood Toe
Z 355 Fairway Wood Face

Club Tested: Z 355 3 Wood Shaft: Miyazaki Jinsoku; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 15°

The Takeaway

Engineered with added head mass and an ultra-high balance point shaft helps increase ball speeds while promoting a more consistent, stable swing. The fast and powerful HT1770 maraging steel face creates an even larger sweet spot. Bigger sweet spot means increased consistency and distance off the tee. The 3 wood features cup face design supported by a 40 gram inner floating bar for higher launch, lower spin trajectory and maximum face flexibility.

Who’s It For?

Players of all abilities will find this a playable fairway wood, but it is mostly for the mid-low to higher handicap players that need help elevating the ball off the deck.

Final Take

The Z 355 fairway wood has a much flatter, larger look at address compared to the Z F45 version. This makes it look very easy to hit. The shallower face, light shaft combo produced increased launch angles that I did not see with the Z F45. The face sat slightly closed at address to my eye and produced a nice natural draw from my swing. At times, it was a bit too much, but that was mainly due to increased spin. While the overall distance for me was good it was not as good as the bomber Z F45 model.

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Srixon Z 355 Hybrid

Z 355 Hybrid
Z 355 Hybrid Address
Z 355 Hybrid Toe
Z 355 Hybrid Face

Club Tested: Z 355 Hybrid Shaft: Miyazaki Jinsoku; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 19°

The Takeaway

Action Mass Technology incorporates a heavier head weight plus an ultra-high balance shaft that combine to deliver incredible consistency with maximum distance and forgiveness. Maraging Steel Face from HT1770 steel creates an even larger sweet spot. A shallower head design and deeper CG promote higher launch angles and allows for shot versatility.

Who’s It For?

The Z 355 Hybrid is on the Game Improvement side. With its design and technology it is a great hybrid for the mid to higher handicap players. The lighter weight will help players who do not generate a lot of club speed.

Final Take

The shape of the Z 355 Hybrid has more of a wide body shape which tends to be the norm for Hybrids that offer up as much forgiveness and control as possible. It also relocates the CG to help slower swing speeds elevate the ball quicker. I found it had a solid feel with a mid-high to higher ball flight. It was very draw bias for me, as well it should be, but also very easy to hit.

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Srixon Z 355 Irons

Z 355 Irons
Z 355 Irons Address
Z 355 Irons Toe
Z 355 Irons Face

Club Tested: 6 Iron Shaft: Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 27°

The Takeaway

Optimized Set Construction offers a two-piece construction in the 4–7 irons from a powerful HT1770 Maraging Steel Face and a resilient 17-4 Steel Body. The 8-AW irons are a one-piece, softer 431 Steel construction offering full set playability and versatility. On top of the Tour V.T. Sole and Action Mass technologies Srixon adds in a higher hosel section that expands the face area to create a larger sweet spot.

Who’s It For?

The Z 355 Irons are a Game Improvement Iron. Players who are mid to higher handicaps will have good results trying these out.

Final Take

The Z 355 Irons have a much larger head size than the Z 945 and Z 745 models, but have excellent lines that shape the look of the head. I found the feel of these irons was solid, albeit with a slight clicking noise at impact. Many of the Game Improvement heads often provide me with this type of feedback. However, I liked the sound that came from these. It made them feel like I was really getting into the ball well. The trajectory was piercing and the club was easy to repeat shots multiple times.

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